Jedi ‘Religion’ grows in Australia It’s Census Time Again

Well it happens every 4 years.
What the Olympics- No, The Commonwealth Games, No.

Ahh, it’s the Australian census. That fun little half hour or so you spend answering questions about everything from how many sprog you have to, do you have a car or a bike. Last time an entertaining spamming campaign to Australians asked them to put their religion down as Jedi”. This resulted in over 70,000 census results for the “force” sensitive beings.

The result was that “Jedi” was the fastest growing religion in 2002. As the results are supposed to cater for the answers we give, I am still waiting for our temple.

This time we are treated to an e-census, the ability to answer all your question online (if the system will let you login).

This year we have seen no such spam. We do get spam but hopefully the fasted growing religion this time won’t be V1agra.



  1. Sorry jedi folk, but the truth of the Flying Spaghetti Monster was always going to overwhelm the Hollywood pastiche of b-movie religion.
    In fact, there is so much evidence for the FSM, that no-one can prove he DIDN’T create the universe. What more do you need?
    Anyway, Pastafarians all over the country proudly nominated our religion on the 2006 Census. We look forward to the Australian Bureau of Statistics acknowledging the phenomenal growth in our ranks.
    Yours in a garlic-infused sauce,
    Pastor Len

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  3. FSM is the one and true holy religion… i pitty you non beleivers THE MIGHTY FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER WILL RULE ALL!!!

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