Pink Floyd May Reform for Syd Barrett’s Memorial

Pink Floyd are said to be planning to reform for a memorial gig in honour of late former front man Syd Barrett (pictured), who died in July. Last year the band put years of animosity behind them for a performance with Roger Waters at Live 8, but have dismissed all speculation of another reunion until now.

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  1. I’d shat myself if they do, I’d do whatever to get those tickets, and invite the hard core dedicted Pink floyd fans to come wiht

  2. I’ve seen at least one show of virtually Every Pink Floyd tour Since 1971, Hunter College Assembly Hall, NYC… wasn’t even close to sold out…. Zacherly then the ” Ghoulish” DJ from WPLJ, hosted ( he and allison Steele were the only DJ’s who would DARE play Pink Floyd on the Radio ).. and the lads sat on the edge of the stage and watched intermission cartoons with the audience…. stayed pleasant like that for a couple of more years ( I managed to interview the Floyd the next year, before their show at Carnegie Hall.. at the City Squire Inn, on Broadway. They would later that night be premiering a thing called ” Eclipse: A Piece for Assorted Lunatics”… what would months later be recorded and, though somewhat evolved and changed, be released as Dark Side Of the Moon. I still have the 3 page folded handout they gave away at that show… Then there was the Fabled Radio City Music Hall ” Dark Side” concert… WOW…. Started with the opening from ” La Valle”.. behind a 2 story wall of Pink Smoke… the Floyd emerged from beneath the floor of the stage, as if from Hell Itself…. maybe it was the windowpane…. I Also Flew From Salt Lake To Both Denver & Phoenix to see the floyd ” Delicate Sound’ & ” Pulse” tours… refusing to miss a tour ( Yes… there were more in-between these highlights …. ) . Okay… So… I’m pretty hardcore… who;s going to take ME to see the FLOYD Reunion??? Marty From Brooklyn, living in Salt Lake City

  3. if they come back on tour i will kill to get my hand on tickets. if one even cost 1,000 ill sell anything i can to get a hold of it.

  4. Most teens haven’t even heard of Pink Floyd so some people say I’m weird :), but I’d do anything to get those tix!!!

  5. everyones head of pink floyd. not everyone has heard the music though.
    and i seriously would give up a testicle to go to a show with roger there too.

  6. I would love to see a world tour,I think David and Roger should forget what has happend in the past,suck it up,forgive and forget.After all if they don’t do a world tour,I believe both of them will regret it.They should do it for their fans,Syd,but most of all them selves,after all the clock is ticking and you don’t want it to be to late.

  7. as a huge fan of pink floyd, and one of a younger generation, i would also give up a testicle do see a show, they were a band long b4 i was even born, and they will only be around for so long šŸ˜¦ so PLZ FLOYD GIVE US A SHOW WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR!!!!

  8. PINK FLOYD ROCKS I grew up with Pink Floyd and even though im a teen my dad and my uncle introduced me to them at a really young age. Theres nothing like cruising around my longboard and listening to Pink Floyd. Man if they reunite i WILL be there no questions asked. Ill bring my pop, my gf and my uncle.

  9. pink floyd is the best band ever created…. how they create the simplest and most melodic tunes with the easiest chords and lyrics….. if they have another concert. i will slaughter my sister who i hate anyway to get some tickets!!!!!

  10. I’m 40 and once while I was in a well known music store I asked a young assistant for an album by Floyd. The cheeky little F**Ker went to the desk and said ” That old man over there is looking for something by Pink Floyd, I’ve never heard of them; have you?”. I had to chuckle at him the bloody Philistine.
    Anybody want to buy 2 testicles, a kidney and half a spleen ??

  11. dude pink floyd rocks man, if they got together and did another show i would sell all my stuff to get the tickets, i’m one of those few teens who actually have a good taste in music

  12. I have had the honor of meeting SiR David at radio city music hall, and seeing Roger Waters twice. A reunion would be great. I have heard David say that touring is a young kids game. Thats why he doesnt do the big tours. I went from San Antonio Texas to Manhattan to see this guy. It was well worth it. I jsut dont think they are going to tour the world. Much less together. We can only hope… They still ahve their diffences, grudges and bad memories of what went on between 80 and 85. They did live 8 for Bob Geldolf, even though they enjoyed, Im sorry do say dont hold your breathe for too long. Just enjoy the many greats that were concieved in the years that they were once all together.

  13. The time has passed and Floyd is done. There will never be a full on tour … Gilmour is not “interested in that old thing”. So be it.

    For those unfortunate ones that have not appeared before Mr. Screen and the Flying Pig … get a big screen, decent sound system, put the disc in and turn out the lights.

    I would like nothing more than to be wrong but can rest easy knowing I have been fortunate to see Pink Floyd live.

    June 1994 Pink Floyd – BC Place Stadium, Vancouver
    June 2007 Roger Waters – GM Place, Vancouver

  14. Hey everybody! I arrived here by chance but with the death of Rick Wright, we’ll never see them again. But don’t be sad: the young listen to Pink Floyd! I am French, and I am only 16 and I know all the story of the band! I have read Nick Mason’s book and I am not the only one! Thank you to Pink Floyd for all these great albums. It’s th best band of ever.

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