Six Apart’s New Blog “VOX” moves to “Groundbreaking” Stage (PICS) !

There’s a new Blog in town.

Vox by the folks that brought you TypePad, Moveabletype and LiveJournal have moved more to a public beta or “groundbreaking” stage.

Recently when the legendary Leo Laporte commented on the issues around Digg and Netscpate he did so via his blog on VOX. As it was in beta only few could reply (smart move Leo).
There’s a good interview with Mena Trott on the Inside the Net podcast about Vox. (thnx to gwjc)
The tools seem good and intuitive, but I will need a better play.

But being able to add sound or video to your blog seems especially easy and the formatting writing tools are a nice touch.

Look me up when you get there-




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