Yahoo Answers Says No and Kicks off – Chicago Sun Times and ESPN Jay Mariotti for Solicitation !!!!

Blogosphere- 7:45am 19 Sepetember 2006 Chicago Time

Jay Mariotti has been kicked off yahoo answers (of all places) the new beta question and answer forum for soliciting readers to his baseball diatribe article for the sun-times. Not sure what was worse the fact he was soliciting readers from the new question and answer beta forum (not aware the demographic is much younger than his articles are written for, or that he claimed it to be a legendary work), his best article yet. Well done yahoo, we don’t need none of his kind round here. Trying to educate people shame on the art of baseball; shame on him.

I am not sure what’s scarier Mr. Maritotti’s false vision of grandeur, or the picture of Roger Ebert when you visit the artice.

By the way

Q: His question was, Did you read my column today, it is an all time great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… its right up there with the I have a dream speech, read it for yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
A: Had any answers been allowed I am sure it would have been a big NO..!. Better luck next time.

If you feel sorry for the bloke, you can visit his article here.

One thing for sure he’s no Mike Downey, Don Person, or Fred Mitchell.

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