3 Tips For Successful Bit Torrent Made Easy (for Alex Albrecht)

On a recent diggnation episode Alex mentioned he had trouble finding anything he wanted via Bit Torrent (UFC fights for example etc.) or any fast sites. On this one occasion I will give away 3 things many know (many others do not) You will need nothing else ever again. 1) Bit Che- Bit Torrent Search Program (http://convivea.com/product.php?id=2) – Not a web site but a desk based program. This small little miracle program, allows you to put in anything you want, UFC for example, and up comes loads of your selections from as many BT sites you want, select by name, seeders etc. Don’t forget to donate if you like it as much as I do.  2) uknova.com- The fastest download site there is, for your UK-centric downloads, is there a faster site I don’t believe it. 3) Asureus – Say now more the best feature is setting the times you download, upload, leech and seed. Someone tell Alex.

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  1. hello mrinternet, i came across your blog when i googled for “bit che”.. i’m the author and first i wanted to say thanks for sharing bit che with your peers.. secondly, i was wondering if you might be able to get me an invite to uknova? i’d love to add the script for you to bit che. thanks! ps, i just released a major up date to build 59. if you’d like to use the advanced guevara edition features, stop by my forums and make an account and ill give you access. -chip

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