Microsoft Windows Vista Pre-RTM Unleashed 5840



Microsoft Windows Vista 5840

After releasing an internal release last week 5808, Microsoft has jumped ahead to release pre-RTM ( 5840.16384.061018) to be exact. A big issue of course are drivers. I spoke to a couple of un-named sources high in the hardware R&D world and they have said the same thing, they have been told by Microsoft to not provide the Microsoft signed drivers for Vista, under severe penalties until they are told to do so. This is because they have had some real hardware detection problems (worse than XP) and this is believed to be causing a real concern at HQ.

I was drawn by one manufacturer that in 5808 known as RC2+ (and even RC2) there is a large shortage of printer drivers for instance.  Many testers have had problems with what is viewed as EEH (easy extra hardware), i.e. non mission critical, modems, printers, sound cards, software etc.  This was solved with critical hardware (video drivers, etc).

Bottom Line

 So what is the bottom line? Well,  5840 offers some new icons, sounds, and more importantly hardware detection. Redmond is still considering an “enhancement” patch (with more sounds, drivers etc) to launch on day 1 with vista, unless these issues can get sorted in time  Watch this space 5840 pictures to follow.

 Google the words below for the public release when it is out later this week.

Windows Vista Pre-RTM Build 5840/vista_5840.16384.061018-1900_x86fre_client-LRMCFRE_EN_DVD.iso


  1. 1) The invite was sent to testers, signup to be a tester and you may get invite from Microsoft (google “join beta”)
    2) There may be a public RTM (5840 or higher in the next 2 weeks).
    3) Google the string with iso in it you may get a site (I said that in my blog) Windows Vista Pre-RTM Build 5840/vista_5840.16384.061018-1900_x86fre_client-LRMCFRE_EN_DVD.iso””
    4) Download via torrent (sometimes the fastest way anyhow. If you don’t know how to torrent it, find out first., if you do download bit che (google “bit che””) software then use 5840 as they key word up comes 40 or so links to 5840

    Hope that helps

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