Add a Missing Feature Back Into MS Expression Web


Getting Navigation View back into Expression Web 

As an (obvious) amateur only  web designer but with a lot of pages I manage, I liked FrontPage for its simplicity (but not
for its crap coding). Expression Web I find is pretty good, but I missed the navigation view of FrontPage.
Here is a tweak to add it back in.   

Getting Navigation View back into Expression Web

Article ID: KB101770   It’s possible to get Navigation View back into Expression Web, at least temporarily! Here’s a great tip from the Microsoft newsgroup for those sites that you want to edit in Expression Web but that use FrontPage link bars or page banners. Open your local site in Expression Web.

1.    Go to Tools… Macro… Visual Basic Editor.
2.    This launches Visual Basic Editor. Go to View… Immediate Window (or type Ctrl-G) if the Immediate Window isn’t showing.
3.    Inside the Immediate Window, type this code: ActiveWebWindow.ViewMode = WebViewNavigation
4.    Type Enter to run the code.
5.    You can close the Visual Basic Editor to return to Expression Web.What you should see is that the Hyperlinks view has been temporarily replaced with Navigation View. (If you change to a different view, you’ll have to run through the process again.) Now you can rearrange link buttons, add pages to the navigation structure, rename pages, etc., to your heart’s content! Looks like I’ll have to go through and modify our Expression Web support articles to incorporate this new information!Of course — if you’re shooting for an XHTML-validated site, you can’t use FrontPage Link Bars because the FrontPage webbot-generated code doesn’t validate. Eventually you’ll want to move towards CSS-formatted text links, either in a Dynamic Web Template, master page, or include page. We have several support resources on this topic for you — see below… Hope this helps  Thanks to Corrie Haffly that got most of this.  Powered By Australia Internet.

 Powered By: Australia Internet

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