Is eBay Openly Encouraging Fraudulent Behavior ?





Why is eBay Not Addressing Fraudulent Activity ?

Between recently being scammed (attempted to be) as a seller (by fake buyers) and the refusal of eBay to remove a shop that is openly  scamming folks. This question seriously needs to be asked again.I bumped into a buyer that has been ripped off and it amazed me eBay allows this.

This is where the item is not sold but a “list” I was a bit shocked that eBay doesn’t see it as their job, to address these. I am not talking about the fraud being caught before it happens; I am talking about a site in this case that has been going on for 3 years apparently.

The scam goes like this:

  • The seller sells an item (call it a 4gb micro sd card WHOLESALE LIST!) for $29.

  • The seller then sends you if you ‘win’ an email of where you can buy a 4gb micro sd card (for RRP).

  • Now the buyer thought (as it shows a picture of a 4gb card,) that they are buying a card not an email.

  • The ad says no refunds and in small print it is selling a list

  • Not rocket science, and not too hard to catch if you are extra careful, but for newbies out there, they are ripe for the picking (and some others). So In my case being ‘fake bought’ on 2 occasions back to back scared off a legit potential buyer for a mobile I sold privately (with receipt thank you) . That is the point. I feel sorry (a bit) for the newbies out there. But for all intent and purposes eBay is encouraging the deception and encouraging fraud by not acting AFTER the sites are set up.Surely, (hope you mind if I call you that) an eBay seller cannot have an eBay shop doing this for 2-3 years, and not have eBay aware of it.Oh, to off set the negative ratings sellers on these sites will then sell dozens or hundreds of 1 cent items on the same site to give them a good rating.

    Far form a perfect crime … unless eBay is openly encouraging fraud.

Oh, as a Good Samaritan I have reported the above ‘scams’ to eBay, but to date have received no response.









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  1. Hello KittyFireFlash here,

    You came up as a possible related post. Yes the fake flash wars are raging on eBay, only now eBayers are not taking it lying down. Google for SOSfakeflash and have a look at the site of similar spirit. You will find you are not alone. Use the search button and type

    Mug Shot

    You can then download all the currently documented fakes on eBay. Yes such a thing now exists. So you aren’t alone. We are on wordpress like you. You tapped your drum in the internet forest – we are tapping ours back in reply!

    PS! Love the Graphic! Super!

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