Godzilla Takes on Google – Japan’s New Google Killer


Happy Birthday Sputnik, Fear, and the Pursuit of Competition.

We owe the founding of what is now the Internet(s) to being partly a result of fear.Fear from the US of A believed was not only a risk militarily due to the then USSR but|strategically as well. It could be said that any technologically advanced country especially one like Japan,
if it believes it will be left behind by a technology like search engines of all things, they do one thing VERY well, take it head on. We saw this with many things just after world war one and that has been replaced to some extent by China as much a manufacturing superpower as anything. Japan’s government has decided to do the same thing with Google. The Japanese
Government is throwing $150m at it, and who best to enlist support to do this than power houses in Japan. The 10 powerhouses include well known names such as NEC, Sony, and Toyota. This will be a good thing for consumers and interesting to see what comes out. Hopefully one less toolbar and perhaps the first real change in searching for some time to follow. Expect Google to make a push into the region to quell techo-fears and of course competition.

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