PC Gaming: Crysis is a Far Cry from Other Games.

PC Gaming: Rumors about my death are greatly exaggerated.

So the release of a little game called Crysis looms next week. It could be said that it is a ‘far cry’ from, previous releases. 

Yes there have been Vista PC games released before and even a few that work (Bioshock is best, Halo 2 is good). But here we have a couple of firsts here. The 1st big game release made to push the new range of high end API Direct X 10 (and soon Directx 10.1) faster CPUs (at last me quad core has something to wake it up), and even uses a little bit of my ram. Add in a state of the art video card 8800 gtx please, a nice monitor (24”) 5.1 or 7.1 sound system and if you dare a MS XBOX 360 adapter for the PC. You actually have an experience that rivals the console for the 1st time. Like many I have my 360 and my PS3, I have my home theatre, with surround sound. But the first time I am torn. My 360 looks pretty awesome on my HD 52” big screen, but having a PC tear into a game, a good game, so easily, and without patching is exceptional.

Let the games continue.

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