Falling US Dollar: Great Deals For Buyers Shopping On The Internet(s)


Example: Lacie Hard drives now 40% cheaper in US than Abroad

One of the interesting examples of the impact of the falling dollar is that those outside the USA, are now looking more than ever at buying online. A good recent example of this is a Lacie 500GB Hard Drive.

In North America it sells (from Lacie’s own shop Direct) for $119 USD plus shipping, or $133 Australian Dollars (AUD). The same drive in Australia sells for  $190-215 USD  amazing.

Before the recent fall of the dollar there was still a difference, sometimes sizable. But this recent fall makes it almost stupid to buy American sold products abroad (as it is here in Australia), rather than directly. With the likes of EBay (scary I know), or better yet resellers of Lacie in North America (less scary), they have a real chance to clean up by selling internationally.

Most Lacie web sites outside the Americas have now removed pricing from their web site.  

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