MWG/Expansys/O2 Formally Announce Hot New Phones for 2008

New MWG Phones the Zinc 2 and the Atom 4

MWG was at CES this week making a play for the US market, with the Atom, and the Flame, announcing both were end of life (being withdrawn), in favour of their new models for 2008
The Zinc II and Atom 4.

Both with <gulp> WM6

Expansys announced the new MWG Zinc II recently as well (looks pretty hot like a TYTN on Prozac)

A bit more here

HTTP://,2704,2247453,00.asp … bile-phone

You Can pre-order here (New Zinc II with Keyboard HTC TYTN ish) (New Atom no Keyboard)


Brief History

O2 is formally part of British Telecom. When sold to Telefonica , Telefonica set-up the Asia-Pac pretty much as a separate entity as they do, different products, and Singapore based support for a different market. O2 as it was known then in November 2007, announced it was renaming O2 to MWG. Expansys the phone and product accessory company, has invested in MWG and has rights exclusive, early or both to all MWG/O2 products. O2 blew it with the wrong phones, (the flame for instance) is too big physically when phones globally were getting smaller for the Asia marketplace, they never introduced it in Australia, Europe, Australia, or the US until pretty recently but have not offered any WM6 (windows mobile 6) upgrade but especially having poor customer service. MWG cannot right the wrongs of the past, new and exciting hardware might help set-up a better future.


  1. Dear Expansys,
    Hope you are well!
    I recently bought an O2 Atom from you and have lost the receipt which I need for insurance purposes.
    Would you be able to supply me with a follow up receipt. My address is 458 High Street Golden Square VIC 3555.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Yours sincerely, Novak Ristov.
    Mobile 0416 140 961

  2. Dear Expansys,
    Hope you are well!
    I recently bought an O2 Atom from you and some of the programs seem to be missing. These seem to be the office package with all the regulars such as excel and powerpoint as well as word. Can you help reload these programs or offer me some advice as to how I could possibly download them. Yours sincerely, Novak Ristov. Mobile 0416 140 961

  3. Dear Expansys,
    I recently bought an Atom O2 from your shop at rockerby Street Collingwood. Could you supply me with a Phone number and street address should I need to call or write. Yours sincerely, Novak Ristov.

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