Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) Beta Unleashes Many Surprises (Mostly Trying to Install It )

IE 8 looks to Win the Browser War  (If anyone can install it) 

As a self confessed MS Fan boy (and official beta tester/hobbyist
since Windows 3.1), I was delighted when my regular Vista update showed KB936330
last December and a further review of it showed it to be Vista SP1,  I jumped
at the chance to install it.

I had no problems before it (on my new quad core PC) and no
problems after it so I am not sure what the point was;  but hey I now had SP1


Equally very recently when IE8 Beta made itself available I
equally looked forward to this new browser prize so I could be the one the 1st
to see what the hype was all about (not that there has been much actually).
Then I was ‘ blessed’ with my 1st surprise.

IE8 will not install on your version of this operating system.

(the scooby doo Shaggy? question bubble then enters my mind).

I know I have Vista, I know I have SP1, so what is the deal.
A quick search on the ‘Internets’ and forum checks showed nothing too early I
was. Oh great I am special for me once again.

I started to see others with the same problem (misery enjoys
But no one had the answer (not the REAL answer).

The IE8 issued then showed up as a a fault saying you
installed a too early version of SP1.

I spoke to Micorsoft and the conversation kindo f went like

MS: Did I SP1 via an automatic update or manually.
Me: Definitely an update though I do mine manually (remembering my surprise on
seeing it)
MS: Oh no problem just reinstall Vista and all will be solved. HAVE A NICE DAY anything
else I can help you with ??
Me: (why does any vista support call just about end with oh well you need to
reinstall vista that will solve the problem).
I then asked a dumb question Riddle me this Microsoft …… (How can I tell if my
copy of SP1 is too early a version e.g. pre RTM) and thus the answer to the
problem I am having ??)
I mentioned to Microsoft that SP1 update was carrying with it the KB of 936330,
meaning an update of KB936330 was Vista SP1, but surely they would not release
the same KB for both a pre-rtm and an up to date version witohut allowing
someow to update itself.  I would assume they would have a new KB as an update
to the previous one (this is the MS way after all).
MS: Yes
Me:  Yes?  I just asked you 37 different questions yes could no cover them all.

MS:   Silence… um.. when did you install it…. (checking my control panel
updates field I determined it was 17 December 2007. Oh SP1 was not released
Me: (getting it) Hmm, I installed it then…
MS: No you didn’t.

Me: (Got it) Damn, I was caught time travelling again.

So it appears MS has released a pre-RTM and a full release
of SP1 months apart without differentiating between them (both are KB936330) or
allowing an upgrade path between them (not the 1st time).  But a
pain none the less.  

Confused Yet ?

If you installed SP1 via an update prior to 18 march 2008
you might have too early a version of SP1 to work with IE8. You need to
uninstall it.

Then install IE8, then reinstall the new SP1 via the download
center at (shortcut)
or google  KB936330, but make sure you download the new version, it is only a
little over 430mb. (gulp).

Then once installed you will need to install loads and loads
of updates and have to restart your machine about 12 times. Then eventually your
machine will be up to date.

Oh how is IE8??
It gives you the option of making IE8 look and run like IE 7 otherwise…
It looks and acts like IE7 for all I can tell.

Time will tell.




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