Dell to Sell XP after Cutoff, Microsoft to Pretend its Vista

Ok, I am a MS fan and a bit of a vista fanboy as well. This is not only true, but I actually bumped into it with Sony laptops months ago here in Australia, where their new laptops only came with Vista and only shortly after it had been released. Us IT folks were non too happy that we had to tell folks they could not have their laptop (my folks did the ordering I used vista, loved it, but newbies would die or kill me 1st trying to get used to it) . Sony eventually strarted offering free downgrades to XP but had trouble of all things getting XP drivers to work.

We’ve heard Microsoft hint at keeping XP on shelves longer than initially stated, but Dell is the first retailer to confirm having plans to sell the OS past the end of June. But it isn’t because Microsoft’s changed their policy; it’s because Dell is taking advantage of a loophole in Vista licensing that lets weaselly Microsoft pad their numbers.

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