Changes on the way in Australia for 16 GB iPhone from 1 September, 2008

So is it a new product, or just a new pain in the ass from Telstra or Apple?

Amazing what you can find out in a phone call. I decided to update my iPhone to a 3G, but like many, I am aware of key speeches on 9 September from Apple may (or may not) mean I should wait. Also as it seems to take time to ‘order’ a 16 GB phone, I did the smart thing (so I thought) I ordered one for collection on 10 September (we are a day ahead here in Aussie world).

I was told, sorry we are not selling 16GB I-phones after the 1st of September. I called 3 other Telstra shops and they said the same thing. So I asked why? I was told by each that they could not say.

I phoned Optus, and they would not let me order one for after 1st September either. I was actually told to go into a shop. So I did and I was told they had no stock and did not know when they would. So, something is going on, it is either a stock fixing issue, from Optus and Telstra (and/or Apple), or a product update/change.

Both are a pain the ass. Bloomberg may have printed the wrong obituary, perhaps it is the iPhone that is dying.

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