Let the 1st Obama Conspiracy Start NOW ! Oath-Gate

Conspiracy or Coincidence ? 

So there are only 35 words in the oath every president-elect  of the US must recite from the US Constitution to complete their transition into history (legally I am not sure)

Well today’s was interesting in that the Chief Justice Roberts made a couple of flubs that immediately had the news wires going nuts that Obama had flubbed his lines. On closer scrutiny it appears the chief Justice made 2 mistakes. On reading the name he paused before completing the rest of the line then again when saying “execute faithfully” instead of “faithfully execute” and “president to the United States” instead of “office of President”:

Listening on the radio as I did initially then the video later it was mildly interesting that the radio reported the mistake was Obama’s, who cares..  but on watching the video it appears clearly that Chief Roberts was the one that made the 2 mistakes  here.

No biggie, then it turns out that this is the first time a Supreme Court justice has sworn in a president who voted against him..this might linger for a bit.

Oath-gate is born !

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