iPhone 3.0 OS Guide: Everything You Need to Know

iPhone 3.0 OS, the next generation operating system for the iPhone, iPod touch, and whatever Apple device comes next. Here you will find all the information you need, updated in real time as it’s unveiled.

Read the gizmodo story below but

  • A2DP bluetooth added (A BIGGIE) … Peter 🙂
  • Cut and Paste
  • Tethering
  • WOW-  P2P WiFI (Zune comes to iPhone)… Microsoft pwning in progress
  • iPhone Search
  • use iPhone as 3rd party remote (sexy)
  • turn by turn GPS (resist me now Pacco)
  • PUSH (ooh)
  • And More



read more | digg story

1 Comment

  1. P2P over Bluetooth, open standards supported and byo protocol supported…. now thats fixing the bluetooth at last…..

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