Fixing Nvidia’s Open GL Issues in Windows 7


If you have had Open GL issues in Windows 7 in my case running Boxee alpha for windows  but have the latest NVIDIA driver for windows 7 version 181.71 dated march 2, 2009 for(  windows 7 version 7700 in my case), then here is the easy fix (as of April 2009). Simply go to the NVIDIA site and select vista driver (version 182 dated 2 April 2009 for example. Bata boom, it downloads the windows 7 beta driver not listed.

I am sure NVIDA will update things but for now this worked a treat and tested on 2 machines a quad core 6600 with 4gb ram and a New Intel Classmate laptop tablet netbook  running Intel 845 chipset links move around but try here

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