iPhone Mania 3GS Australia Paying $200 to Stand in Line

 Australia Beeng a Bit Hosed over iPhone 3GS – And Loving it ?


This drives me nuts,  and Australia should be pissed off over it.

Due to the bad information from Apple (or none ),  most dealers and carriers alike,
Suppliers have blessed would-be customers with the opporutnity to stand in line all night or hours to get iPhones without even knowing if the price they are paying are any good or not. 

Most cases they are not and this means due to lack of visiblity that some customers will stand in line all night and pay $100-200 extra, whilst others, can walk into a shop next door to get the phone and not stand in line if they did even a little research or the carriers were a bit more understanding.

I am an early adopter and will pay hundreds to do it, but to do so and pay more than the guy a few feet away getting phone with no queue, is a piss take of epic proportions

This means folks will pay $999/$1199 for the new iPhones at one carrier’s  shop or apple and pay $899/$999 next door at a competitors shop as is the case where I am going in Melbourne Australia (don’t ask where).

Prices from all major carriers were shared with corporate and SMB businesses earlier this week so handset orders could be managed for Friday.  This did not matter if it was for 1 or 20 handsets and unfair to most people.

Calls to apple were met with you have to buy the phone frm the carrier of your choice but can buy it at the apple store.

In Apple speak what would Steve Jobs do ?

Not this!


  1. lucky your not in New Zealand as its costing $699 NZD to get the phone on a 2 year contract, just slightly over priced at 2.2x what it is in the USA and well i just looked at Vodafone Australia and your way better off waiting in line.

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