Microsoft to Announce Global Windows 7 Family Packs (3PC) for $80 per license

Currently Microsoft is only offering the 3pc Windows Premium, License Pack in the USA (perhaps the UK by now as well). A global deal is about be announced, including Australia, shown here

Due in stock 26 November, so expect announcement soon, url moved to here or search ‘ windows 7 3pc’  on the old url.

22 Nov Update:

Stock has landed (around 1000 pcs) to the DSE warehouse in Sydney

24 Nov Update:

Installed software Windows 7 Upgrade ,  had XP, then formatted to install windows 7 ultimate (no key), then formatted to install Windows 7 home premium.


Remember this is an upgrade, but legally who hasn’t got XP or Vista installed on a machine, changed link destination above, technically in this case upgrade acts the same as a full version, I assume all versions due.

So the question can I do a clean install with an upgrade, the answer is yes. If like me you loathe to install all your programs again the easy transfer program makes this very easy and I had many less programs to reinstall (but always back up just in case)

26 Nov Update:

As predicted stock is now trickling in so is in stock in Australia nationally. Expect the rest of the stock to hit over the next few days. I assume the rest of ther country will get stock in as well. $237 for 3 licenses (great deal).

Let me know if there are better ones you see.

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