Apple makes it hard to find iPad apps outside USA

Apple delays shipment of iPads outside the USA, those that have them have a few problems to deal with.

For Lisa

With the international launch of the iPad delayed, those of us that have them have 2 problems, some apps are USA only but worse is iTunes has not indexed those that are there so they are not so easy to find.
This leaves the 94% of the world with 2 options: (well 3 if you just wait)

It goes like this,

Option 1)
as the iPad is not outside the USA officially), when you search for iPad apps in iTunes there are only a few apps showing but if you look for an iPad app by name it will often show up. This is because they (apple) have purposely not indexed the iPad apps that are actually there/here.

Example:  plants vs zombies does not show up in the Australia iTunes under iPad apps but search for it in iTunes (plants vs zombies and the iPad app is there). This works for about 90% of all iPad apps.

Option 2)
A bit more complicated, For the other iPad apps that are only in the USA, you can buy from the us but you have to have a separate iTunes account for the USA and buy iTunes vouchers online, I use a guy on ebay so I have 2 itunes accounts. One for US apps and one for Australia business as usual apps. Here is another site that explains option 2 a bit more detailed


There are more (legit)  apps for iPad on iTunes  than you think, you can use a website like or to see all the best apps then search them on the  say New Zealand iTunes site and only use the USA iTunes site for those that are restricted.

I find there are very few you cannot get here/or there

Hope that helps if not let me know


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