Is the iPad turning into an iBrick with new Wi-Fi iBugs ?

New iPad Early Adopters Plagued by Serious Wi-Fi Flaw Issues

Well the problems are starting to show already. With Apple selling   500,000 units in the 1st week problems were bound to arise but I am not sure if anyone expected so many to be impacted (including <gulp> me).

The problems using wi-fi is starting to show up as a big problem. Unfortunately the only way to tell in this day and age, if there is a problem or not, is to see what the apple community is saying and then see if Apple issues a statement.

Both have now happened. Apple is being vague about the number of units impacted, it it is believed to be large.

What Happened ?

It is speculation at the moment, but it appears when the iPad was being tested they only used certain models of  Wi-Fi router to benchmark the Wi-Fi on the unit. Unfortunately technology has moved on and the iPad has a problem with new routers, including the Apple  own products , the airport extreme and Apple airport express.

How to Fix it ?

Unfortunately you might not be able to.  This also is proving a problem as the only 2 ways so far to fix it is to reset you network settings or do a complete factory reset (losing all data and apps everything). But this is not solving the problem, so expect a major update for the iPad (bug fix) shortly. Apple has also thrown up links themselves. Here and here . But for many users (this author included) nothing is working so far.

The Bad News

On the Apple support pages one solution unfortunately intended for the iPad 3G users (the iPad 3g is not out as yet) BTW . says, “If you continue to experience issues, consider turning off Wi-Fi and using the cellular data connection instead of Wi-Fi”. Oops Let’s hope it isn’t that bad

Update (did I discover the fix) ?

I think I solved this. If you go to the wi-fi connection you have  to (swipe it) it brings up a bunch of setting including http proxy. By default this is off. Change to ‘auto’ job done.
Let me know if this solves the problems folks. In my case this was after resetting the network settings and deleting and reconnecting the network, make sure you do that 1st, and you might need to restart the iPad I am told (I did not have to).
I noticed the Internet speeds were 50% better as well per speedtest software.

Any questions let me know

Update Part Deux

Just to be clear I think Apple could have done better here. But we are all early adopters, so we do need to suck it up and move on. Would  I be returning mine for a refund.. yeah right !

I am hearing that the fault is continuing for some users after this fixed the issue initially. I encourage folks to register bugs with apple, and keep an eye on the apple forums.

Another %$^% Update/ Fix that Work

I am adamant that 85% of the problems are DHCP issues. This is because the routers being used some old some new are too new to cause the problems they are.

I just tried changing the DHCP setting to Manual and this fixed my problems. I checked with a dozen others that this has also solved the problem now.

It has to be a DHCP issue

E: dugg.this at

Update 11 May 2010

Apple recently updated a support document detailing current solutions to Wi-Fi connectivity issues surrounding the iPad. There have been several distinct Wi-Fi issues reported on various discussion forums. The new support document lists a few possible workarounds, but also states that “Apple will also address remaining Wi-Fi connectivity issues with a future iPad software update.”

The workarounds listed include:

  • Updating Wi-Fi router firmware
  • Using WPA or WPA2 wireless security
  • Adjusting screen brightness
  • Renewing IP address

Issues with the iPad Wi-Fi include weak signal, forgotten passwords, and more technical networking issues. According to Apple, only a “very small number” of iPad users are affected.

This story (from mac rumors) is here

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