Apple Delays International iPad Pre-orders beyond 7 June

Just when it looked like they had not pooched it again.

  • Apple store site has removed the date in June the iPad will be delivered for pre-orders. In Australia the last date was 7 June and the retail stores have now changed the wording.
  • Apple retail stores have been told to tell customers,  ‘they (the iPads) will be delivered in June ‘sometime’  but they (the retail store) are not involved in pre-orders, if you want an iPad you need to go to a retail store and wait in line with everyone else”.
  • It is believed more stock has been shipped to the retail stores to help stalled sales figures. Previously items like the iPhone could be reserved then paid for and collected in the store. This was confirmed by Apple Chadstone, and the apple store web site on Sunday.

Further details are sketchy as they were for the iPhone. Then even on the day of the launch Telstra stores (corporate and retail) were not aware that the iPhones form retail stores were unlocked but were locked from the stores and pricing was all over the place.

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