iPad Australia Carrier Telstra Data Network Set-up Buckles Under Load

Telstra Struggles to Activate iPad Users

31 May 2010

Not a problem but until you call

With the launch of iPads outside of the USA on the 28th of May, carriers around the globe had plenty of time to manage their networks, set-up processes, and customer service. Unfortunately it appears at least one infamous International carrier has already buckled in a form that is reminiscent of the USA’s AT&T. I speak of course of Telstra Australia. Australia almost the exact size the USA but with population of Holland, has been punished for years by a non-privatized part government owned incumbent telecommunications company. The monopolistic carrier failed miserably to handle the anticipated numbers of prepaid sims they provided to the apple stores. The iPads could be set-up as well as the carrier Telstra unfortunately the Telstra data connection set-up systems have failed preventing scores of folks from being able to connect to the Internet. People calling Telstra have spent hours on the phone to resolve the issue only to have Telstra cut customers off or tell them it is an Apple iPad issue. However, it has quickly shown up in support forums around the world to actually be a Telstra training issue. There appears to be no immediate fix in site and new iPad users are naturally frustrated.


The biggest issue is that consumers will be confused that they have can have 5 bars on their iPad, but the iPad service (data) has not been activated, though the instructions mention it.  Why the data and the carrier service could not be activated on line via iTunes, amazes me, and why apple staff could not tell you (when you buy the sim from them), that you will get 5 bars of service but still need to activate the sim also amazes me.


Only 72 hours and after 6 attempts, and holding for 10 minutes the last time, (after holding for 2 hours previously) after buying the 3G iPad, I have been able to activate my iPad data plan. I was told it would then take 2 hours for the activation to take place.  The telstra call centre in the Phillipines was very nice and at least they stay on the phone with the user whilst the systems activate the sim. This took 10 minutes, but I have to think there has to be a better way.


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