I’ll Have the White iPhone Please

…A conversation waiting to be had?

Store Clerk: which iPhone 4.0 would you like ?

Customer:  Hi Can I have a 32gb white iPhone please

Store Clerk: Sorry no stock til end of July

Customer: OK, can I have a 16gb black iPhone and a 32gb white iPhone

Store Clerk: I have the black, but no white iPhones til July sorry,

Customer: Ok, I’ll just have 2 x 16gb white iPhones please.

Store Clerk: Sir

Customer: Yes

Store Clerk: Spell the blue in blueberry

Customer: B-L-U-E

Store Clerk: Spell the berry in blueberry

Customer: B-E-R-R-Y

Store Clerk: Now spell the F$@k in ‘white iPhone’

Customer: There is no “F$@kin white iPhone

Store Clerk: Now you understand  …. NEXT

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