@renailemay playbook, dead tablet walking, RIM is about to be bought out or die, chance of much needed updates either way zilch #WhyWouldYou

28 June 2011
Melbourne, Australia

When the RIM (Research in Motion), playbook tablet was announced, I was a bit amazed that anyone would review it without mentioning its likely demise, and problems to financial concerns of RIM regardless of its quality.

Likewise, had Ford launched a new Edsel after it had announced it was a failure already (financially) , I cannot imagine reviewers not at least mentioning it.

RIM stock prices have continued to dive before and since its launch of the playbook. So even if it was better than the iPad (which it is not), the playbook should have a health warning that buying a tablet from a company that is either going to go belly up or be bought out, or go bump soon, and has launched a work in progress tablet is worth considering and be avoided.  

Am I wrong please let me know

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