BREAKING: @afterdawn @itnews_au @engadget @smh_news @AddThis @PayPal Australia Now investigating new online ‘anomalies’ refuses to admit they have been hacked.

PayPal: Thank you for calling PayPal how may I help you
Customer: Hi, I guess I might have a security issue, I noticed in a receipt from PayPal for a donation I made direct via PayPal and the shipping address in the receipt is not mine. I did not think too much about it as it was an email payment but thinking more about it I can concerned how it happened and that it won’t happen again.
PayPal: I see, was this payment through eBay?

Customer: No, but I checked both my PayPal address and my Ebay address and both are correct but different than the receipt sent via PayPal

PayPal: I will have to have someone look into this but I am not sure how it could have happened at this end?

Customer: Can you at least look at the receipt I am referring to , it was generated by PayPal not me.

PayPal: OK, I see the address is xxxxxxxxx Melbourne Australia

Customer: Yes that is not my address, can you tell me where it came from… ??

PayPal: No but I am sure it is nothing to worry about.

Customer: Ok, thanks for that but if you do not know how it happened, and how it will not happen again, how can you tell me it is nothing to worry about?

PayPal: I will have a tech look at this and someone will come back to you today, is that ok

Customer: Great, I am just afraid to use PayPal til this is resolved as that address is not mine.

PayPal: I understand


PayPal never called the customer back and no records were made on the customer’s account. Luckily they were sent a questionnaire (automatic) as a result of the initial query so a record of the incident could take place that way. On a second call the same dialogue took place with PayPal being dismissive, but an escalation to a supervisor resulted in the incident being investigated further, and is still ongoing. But PayPal was quick to say they have not been hacked though they do not know how the incident took have taken place and they have not seen that happen before.