Video: You are going to love it: the Samsung 10.1 (thin) P7500 series is impressing tablet users across the globe Australia is next

As I reported in May 2011, the Samsung 10.1 is bigger, thinner, and a higher spec than the iPad2.

It is getting great reviews across the globe, and the global roll out is continuing.

Please see reviews and video below

Video Review of the 10.1 P7500 Series

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 – via John Brandon Tech Radar UK ?

Rumour: Optus will stock the Galaxy Tab 10.1 soon, XOOM is on its way out the door via @Ausdroid

There were 2 models of the 10.1; NEW 10.1 (P7500 series) and the slightly earlier 10.1V (P7100 series). The 10.1V was a higher spec 8mp camera ,

little thicker & little heavier than the P7500. Not seen the 10.1V you will not, as it was a short production. Designed to compete with the Xoom,

Samsung cancelled production of the 10.1V, rolled out their version 2 model the P7500 series, when the iPad2 surprised them with a lower spec

but thinner than the 10.1v, the 10.1 was born. via @mr_internet

The 10.1V as a short run was released outside the USA only so Samsung did not upset the USA market, that they could not supply. This has confused

many as due to the timeline of the release some USA reviewers and non-USA reviewers were given the never to be released 10.1V so higher specs were

offered than showed up in the thinner 10.1 P750. I have and love both

10.1 NEW P7500 Specs vs 10.1V P7100 Series

10.1 P7500


Older 10.1V P7100