8 Steps With Mac Lion launching today or tomorrow a useful reminder of how to make a Lion boot DVD

20 July 2011

@mr_internet | tech-news.tv


It is time for the Lion to be Unleashed

1)     Download it from the Mac App Store.

2)     Once it is downloaded, locate the Lion installer and right-click on it, selecting Show Package Contents.

3)     Navigate inside the “Contents folder , go inside Shared Support and, inside, locate the installer:InstallESD.dmg.

4)     Copy InstallESD.dmg to the desktop.

5)     Now, go to Disk Utility.

6)     Click on the Burn button on the top menu.

7)     Navigate to the Desktop in the selector and select InstallESD.dmg.

8)     Now insert a blank 4.7 GB DVD and wait for the disk to burn.

9)      Done !

Credit to @Craighton  aka Craighton Miller

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