Things to consider before buying a Mac from

26 July 2011
Melbourne Australia


Something folks should consider before they buy from
Streetwise in VIC

Free upgrade to Lion – First told there were no
free upgrades to Lion, on new iMacs, WRONG so I have to raise a
complaint against you to Apple to get a credit for Lion.

Global recall of new iMacs,
Different streetwise stores saying different things, All I was trying to do I
am trying to minimize my time without my mac and avoid carrying around a
27″ quad-core iMac more than I have to. Parking close to ANY Apple store
or Streetwise is not easy. So how long will it take – 1 day 2 days maybe
longer.. no drives in stock
per Frankston, iMac has to go from Vic to NSW per Hawthorne WTF?

Is there not an easier way Streetwise – No says
Frankston and Hawthorne.

I decided to double check what Streetwsie said with AppleCare but got a different story from Apple – Salvation 

ith Apple and call Apple Care and on hold for 10 minutes ,
then another 15 to level to but

Turns out I can get a free in house
replacement of the drive.. courtesy
of Apple. – Ahh customer service.

Why do customers need to know more about what is going
on than your staff  Streetwise???

Why should I have to triple check what you say
(checking 2 stores then phoning Apple Care to see if there is something you did
not know. Which there was.

For personal use I bought 4 macs from you this year,
referred a few more and each time saving a bit of time and a bit of money, but
I am not sure if it is worth it.

Thank goodness for Apple’s own customer service. But good
customer service should not take a genius, streetwise

Note: After speaking to AppleCare and
registering my iMac HD recall request for an onsite engineer, I was contacted
within 3 minutes by the onsite tech for a replacement this week AMAZING.

I attempted to contact Streetwise over this and query this
directly but they deleted my query and have not responded. I left the questions
on their facebook page and they deleted them. 



  1. I have used Streetwise before and get good service when I am buying but not so much when I have questions, I agree with what you are saying

  2. Hi Loren,

    There is currently no recall on the iMac in Australia or globally. Apple have announced the iMac 1TB Seagate Hard Drive replacement program in which a very small number of recently sold units are affected and are being repaired free of charge. Both our service departments have committed to making this process as easy as possible for our customers, and we are happy to arrange a drive to be available ahead of time for a same day repair. Both of our stores are able to replace drives at that location, so we are unsure what you are referring to when you mention NSW. The replacement part may have to be shipped from interstate, but would be replaced in our workshops here in VIC same day.

    I’m glad to hear that you are able to have the drive replaced onsite as part of your AppleCare coverage. I would suggest that you should have a good backup of the data on your drive before your appointment to ensure it all goes smoothly and there is no chance of data loss.

    In regards to the free upgrade to Lion, all Macs purchased after June 6th 2011 qualify for a free upgrade as part of Apple’s OS X Lion Up to Date Program. More information can be found on Apple’s site (

    If I can help with any other queries, feel free to contact me on jedda at streetwise dot com dot au.



    I guess my question still stands, if all (many or some) hard drives for a MAC have to be replaced, is it a recall. Service technician says yes, Apple and you say no. Apple says it is an eligibility / opportunity (laugh). Also I still see no answer why, Streetwise, did not know about the onsite replacement service. I had 2 call 2 Streetwise shops and then Apple to find out the truth. Also, I bought my new iMac from Streetwise, and was told there was no free upgrade to Lion, turns out there was of course, and again it took not only Apple to tell me, after 3rd guessing you, but them also to tell me how to get a refund for the miss information. Not good for someone that has bought, 4 macs form you in 12 months, and referred a few more.



    1. Apple is not calling this a recall, They discuss ‘eligibility’ for the hard drive replacement.
      Most will call it what it is a RECALL. The issue to you is why the lack of information on these 2 big issues, that I had to resolve DESPITE my retailer. Why Hawthorne and Frankston not only disagree on the solution but neither aware of the in-home replacement, program, that would make your and your customers’ life easier.

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