Why Now Was a Good time for Steve Jobs to Step Down as CEO Apple

What a difference a few months make.

Melbourne Australia25 
August 2011…


A few months ago, Apple had the only Tablet Computer the iPad and the only serious smart phone in  the Marketplace with the iPad and the iPhone there are over a dozen tablets and even more Android smartphones running the latest Gingerbread OS. Then the apple iPhone was the growing market leader and the one to beat. In many global markets the iPhone is being beat by Android with more models and selection, a different model than Apple only having one real model of Tablet and one real model of phone.

Apple Challenges
Now in the pending Autumn of his life Steve Jobs and Apple are likely facing the moist challenging time in the history of Apple.

As one of Steve Jobs favourites songs goes times they are a changing. The Apple OS is 5 years old and though it has had various updated it is starting to look dated.

However, not only is Android Honeycomb, still a young tablet OS only released in early 2011 also launching the first potential iPad competitors, but a battle is looming.

Android is poised to release the next version of their OS,  Ice Cream late 2011, Apple is releasing the iPhone5, iOS5 and iPad3, within weeks of the Android launch, and the dark horse Microsoft is due to launch Windows 8 beta, around the same time as well. Microsoft has shown with the browsers wars that coming in last is not a losing recipe when it went from 0% to 94% market share between 1999 and 2003.

Windows 7 has impressed critics in many ways, though the Windows eco-system (App Market) is even more immature than the Android Marketplace, it’s usability and integration is different than both Android and Apple.

Apple has recently fought to prevent, or delay its rivals from competing with it, winning injunctions against Samsung  and the 10.1 tablet in Europe and Asia Pacific and some against the Motorola Xoom as well.

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