t-JAYS Three : Headphone Product Review

By Loren Wiener

September 2011

Jays t-Jays Three

Sometimes smaller is also better. – Small Price, Big on Quality






When small head phones became all the rage prior to the launch of the iPod, quality was secondary to size.  The iPod offered their white headphones with average quality that many including myself really did not like, and being in white was personal thing I did not like, offering the unwelcome notice, especially, when they became very common, a small thing but I believe I am not alone there.

Also when others started offering small form factor headphones you could pay a lot of money for looks but not much quality, no low range and very tinny distortion in the upper range, and often many of them did not fit very well, another big deal to manly like me not having the single perfect ear size.  Not being of the younger generation, I like my volume a bit high sometimes, and other

Enter the Jay Three, a small form factor at the middle price range of $70-89  AUD, but with very impressive sound, various size sleeves to fit any ear, gold plated plugs, travel case, Kevlar reinforced, soft cables (a good touch), a little longer cable to prevent those pesky tangles, and even has a flight adapter for those plane rides we love so much. I am not sure how Jays fits so much in such an affordable paid of headphones but it is the reason they are so popular in Australia.

Whether you are in to classical, head banging rock or both these compact headphones do them both justice.  

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