Scary International Google Customer Service Ordering Nexus 7 Tablet

11 December 2012

Melbourne Australia
Loren W / Tech-News.TV

Scary Google Does Customer Service – or is it Identity Theft ?


I just ordered my Google Nexus 7 tablet, torn between waiting the extra days for it to show up in retailers here in Australia, is always fraught with danger.

Limited stock, no stock, no availability, are common occurrences for those that have bought other devices like the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Note, S3, or any new Apple device for that matter.  

Not one to normally be paranoid, I was surprised to get a call from Google Customer Service to ask about details around my order. The rather abrupt and not very friendly tone from ‘customer service ‘  in Singapore I later learned, pretty much demanded,  me to give a stranger some details of my recent order.

Firstly, I was surprised Google would do this as my cred it card details are the same I use and have used in the Google App Store and now Google Play since its inception. The not so friendly service also bothered me a little. So I asked the obvious question, as I was asked to confirm address, purchase amount, mobile number, (they phoned me on), etc. How do I know you are Google customer service, e.g. can I call you back ? (the number came up in my caller ID so it was not secret.) but no I was told). I was then told if I did not give my details to verify my order, my order would be cancelled. Yikes !! attitude and now a threat, had I not really wanted the unit, I would have let it go, but possible identity theft or risk not getting my Nexus 7 tablet with jelly bean before most in Australia get it;

Who would want to be me anyhow… ?  I was told the orders were running a bit ahead of schedule at least.

The Nexus 7 is of course the latest tablet from Google made by Asus and running an NVIDIA quad core CPU and of course the next generation Android OS, Jelly Bean 4.1

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