Olympic Legal Torrenting: The Forgotten Art

Loren Wiener
Melbourne Australia
8 August 2012 (tomorrow for many of you)

TV and The Olympics Never Looked Better

Way back in 1994, I spoke to English MPs and TV exec’s in my role of head of Internet Products and Security for British Telecom, about what would later be called ‘pirating’. I discussed what I viewed as the safe use of ‘copyright borrowing’. I had been already advising banks and grocery stores about how they could best use fast Internet, with both later becoming ISPs in their own right.  Unknown to those in attendance I was already a ‘pirating freak’  with a free $20k internet connection at my house (for testing purposes), I spoke of what I believed should be a consideration before throwing an illegal label over all those that download content from the internet specifically UK TV. I suggested charging additional fees for downloads, and spoke about how the torrenting sites could work hand in hand with the TV channels (some government owned). Years later a torrent site rose up, and introduced this model to the world. The basics are simple UK TV will tolerate torrents until a month or so before the shows are DVD. The torrent site then brings down the shows and all is well. Throw in a limited distribution, limited users, a T1 Internet backbone, and today you have the fastest downloads of HD Olympic Coverage in the world. Remember the site is UK shows only. If you use it support it. It is amazing. I am sure it had little or nothing to do with me but was nice to have a front row seat for the principals now being followed. The torrent site is http://www.uknova.com consider donating to the folks there, if you get in and like the service.

Picture courtesy of JClem

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