Will New iPad size Win vs. Quality

20 October 2012 |Melbourne Australia | Tech-News.TV


It is the worst kept secret since it was told milk comes from cows Apple will soon announce something the great late Steve Jobs alluded he would never do, launch a smaller 7 inch (ish) Mini iPad. All of this on a functional but to many view boring out of date 6 year old operating news iOS 6. Apple this time is entering into already occupied waters. Android has everything from the market leading Nexus 7 (soon to release an updated model or 2) and runs a only few month old Operating System on the more popular Android Operating System, and even Microsoft soon to launch new tablets on Windows 8 have quality products that will far exceed those of Apple. Ironically thought, Apple will continue to be strong, as they have the best global distribution network. Apple’s amazing launch of the just average iPhone 5 was remarkable for nothing else but launching in 30 countries at the same time. Something that Google has to rely on their partners to do less convincingly. In any case I will likely not update my iPads, Nexus 7, or Galaxy Tab 10.1, but it will be fun as always to watch.

Author: LorenW (loren@loren.net.au)@mr_internet is a pompous shit, that thinks because he lead the introduction of Business  Internet Services, in the UK like business broadband British Telecom in the 90′s, introduced SaaS and Commodized Data Centre Co-Lo Services in Australia, has any opinion,  his 60,000 social media following hoards gives a rats ass about.  Hey ask him about his accidental agreeing to launch a patent infringement case again the Internet as BT owns the patent on hyperlinks.

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