5 Steps to Make Skype Work Better with Windows 8.1

17 September 2013
Melbourne, Oz
Loren W

I keep hearing other podcasters using Skype where the sound / video fails, becomes pitchy, dalek-like etc. Sometimes this is unfixable due to Skype, or bandwidth etc. But most of the time these 5 steps will either help rule out your own PC being at least partially to blame & I have found it quite effective many times in solving the problem all together. It also works well with other apps like AirVideo etc. to improve how the PC manages the resources when streaming. Even my 16gb of ram Quad-Core PC still gets help from this improving performance.

1) CTRL-Alt-Delete


2) Click Tasks Manager

3) Got to Details


Note: If you did not know the process running skype is (i.e Skype is not Skype) then you could right click on the process name (skype) go to details, then it tells you the running file name in this case is WWAHost.exe per below


4) Change Priority from ‘Low/Normal’ to ‘Real-time’

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Do the same in reverse to lower the priority of some other apps that might be using resource in the background (browsers etc), if running in the background

In a perfect world this would have no use be of no relevance or use, but as in Windows 8, Windows 8.1 benefits from this DRAMITCALLY.


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