The Fight for Mobile Phone Supremacy in China

Why Apple Needs to Build the 6" iPhone

Melbourne Australia
Loren W

One of the nice things about being an insignificant blogger with 100,000 followers,  is when you see the main stream media discuss important issues but miss an obvious yet crucial parts of the story.

Watching a BBC news interview recently based in China, they were speaking to locals about the new iPhone 5s and 5c mobile launch. When asked what they thought, the common answer surprised me a little. The common thread was the Chinese in the Apple iPhone & Microsoft/Nokia  new demographic interviewed preferred larger phones like the Samsung Note 1/2/3 / LG  meaning a 5.3 inch and larger screen. The interviewer elaborated that many do not have computers, so having a smart mobile with tablet PC-like features/ size means a bigger phone is VERY popular and a growing demand.

Samsung, LG and more recently Sony have all introduced phablet mobile phones to warm  receptions.
it is not rocket science that a New iPhone 6, if larger might be very successful in China

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