Power Jacket 4500mAh for Sony Xperia Z Ultra – Black

Good Design Makes a Useful Accessory

Loren W
23 November 2013
Melbourne Australia

Firstly, I have to admit upfront I have always HATED phone power packs. Strong words I know but they are usually cumbersome to use, don’t work, get in the way, too heavy, offer little value the list goes on.

However, if you have a phone, that allows you to take advantage of a bit of good design tech on the phone itself, then a smart design for a battery pack is possible and in this ‘case’ is really good (no pun intended)

I am referring to the 4500mAh Power Jacket for the Sony Xperia Ultra distributed by MobileZap in Australia. The cool bit it of tech I am referring to on the phone is the magnetic connector for power charging or docking. This means the power jacket that also protects the phone very discreetly uses the magnetic charging port to charge the phone.

The extra battery is a whopping 4500 mAH, meaning it is about 50% bigger than the huge battery on the phone already. This means it extends standby talk time from 34 days to a crazy 85 days, talk time from 16 to 40 hours and music playing from 120 hours to almost 300 hours that is over 12 days. This will of course vary with real world usage.

There are a couple of other side benefits as well. The case does not cover the micro USB port on the phone as it charges to the magnetic dock as mentioned. This means you can charge the phone at the same time you are charging the power case (especially handy in the car with a 2 port USB adapter) . It also has really functional blue led lights on the back so you know when it is charging, or discharging. Finally there is a little kick stand on the back of the case that is useful as well.


  • Good Design – (no wires, does not cover any ports, easy to put on and remove)
  • Good Value (4500mAH battery for $56.49)
  • Discreet Useful Case – Some would buy it just for being s case with a stand
  • Not too heavy –
  • Powerful – adds 150% battery use- Great for the traveler

More more information visit the MobileZap website here , their facebook page here or say hello on their new twitter page here

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