AT RISK DOWN UNDER: TV Cord Cutting is So 4 Years Ago

Xbox One At Least Temporarily Kills Cord Cutting Technology

29 November 2013 
loren w
Melbourne Oz

In case you didn’t know Australia is a big place. It is the size of the USA but with the population of Cameroon. Most of the population are in a handful of cities as a result of the area covered the majority of TV is via satellite instead of cable With Foxtel the largest of the satellite TV providers only servicing the largest cities a different company Austar served the rural ones but with substandard customer service and substandard user interface.

So as not to lose to the competition that they could not serve, Foxtel started providing TV shows over the Internet via the Xbox 360 4 years ago 4 is little as 5 dollars a channel with no minimum. They called the service Foxtel play catchy huh? This meant at the time you could buy any station you wanted and only the stations you wanted. Foxtel has not
long ago purchased the competition and as a result has only just now increased the minimum purchase required to buy stations in packs at 25 dollars each via the Internet alone. However the selection of stations is still huge the selection enormous and ability to spend very little with no cable is a blessing as long as you have an Xbox 360.

Unfortunately with the release of the Xbox One Foxtel over Internet service is not available and has not confirmed if it ever will be. This is a real shame as Foxtel was ahead of the curve on the service of offering all stations over the Internet alone. Currently Foxtel says the technology is very different but they are in negotiation with Microsoft



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