Top Streaming Tips for PC, Mac, Android, & iTunes

Tis the Season to Be Streaming


Loren W
18 December 2013
Melbourne Australia


For those of you that know all of this call it a refresher. I get asked this all the time and surprised how many are not aware of the simplicity here. I spoke to Apple yesterday on point 3. Instructions even if you can find them are often random, inconsistent and even Wrong. In my case Apple support was nice enough to pass to a specialist to confirm my suspicions.

Untitled clip_image002

1) Air Video – Use the Air Video app to stream formats of movies, tv shows other video that are not normally necessarily natively Apple compatible. You need a client app (free) for PC or Mac here and an iOS app as well.

2) Typing – Using AppleTV (ATV) can be a pain to type on, sometimes better with an Apple BT (Bluetooth) Keyboard (or many other brands work as well).


3) What happens in the cloud can be downloaded from the cloud – If using a BT keyboard is too big a pain as they are sometimes finding the ATV and if buying an iTunes video (movie or tv show), you can buy it via any device PC, MAC, iOS device (iPhone, iPad etc.), then download it directly to your ATV (or download it to your iOS device then stream it via Airplay to your AppleTV, but there is no need to download if all you want to do is watch it on your ATV. Note: This works great but you CANNOT rent on one device and watch on an ATV, or vice versa. Purchases yes, rentals no.


4) Android– Streaming via Android to ATV is now possible via many (but not enough ) apps including airstream available here

clip_image0085) Control Panel – you can simply navigate on your iOS device and then stream your device to your ATV, many are not aware of this

6) 3D Streaming – Most new 3d TV’s allow you to convert 2D (normal) TV to 3D on the fly. The same hold true for your 2D iTunes or 3rd Party Air Video content from your Mac, iOS Device, PC, or Android


Note: There are other streaming ways not addressed here like DLNA, but there are some new tools coming out in a few weeks so will talk more about it then.

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