Domain Name Hosting and Registration Pitfalls –

Year 2 costs (Renewals) Can Be Dramatically Higher Thank you Expect – From Godaddy and perhaps others

Being in and now out of the hosting and domain name business for a long time, I have met with much frustration trying to find low priced hosting, and domain name registration for hobbyist endeavors.  Hosting companies across the globe seem to be struggling to keep customers and I can see why.  A year ago, I started moving my domains to godaddy I was blown away by their service and knowledge, compared to some like crazydomains in Australia that had severe customer service problems reports against them to ICAN as well, but well priced.  Interestingly the domains from godaddy were also 10-15% less than the Australia market price so that was nice as well or so I thought. A year on and thus the catch, my hosting is well settled in forwarded how I like it etc.Now I discover that the pricing for the domain names I received was “a special price’ and advertised at 55-77% off retail, You guessed it making my renewal prices on all my domains now twice as much as the average market price here.  I never in a million years thought hosting companies would be as covert as this NEVER NEVER seeming to offer new products at what they call regular price,  on domains only average in reality but GREATLY reduced, per them, only to figure most customers will not pay attention to the 200% increase at their renewal time.  I will query this to many about the fairness of this, but am disappointed I was taken in this way.

Bottom line query upfront and especially renewal costs when buying hosting and domain registration, even so called know-it-alls can miss the obvious sometimes.

The good news is there are companies like that seem to ignore the BS and offer good consistent products, prices and services and services .




  1. Loren,
    Hi there! I’m on the GoDaddy Social team and I saw your tweet regarding this as well as this blog post and wanted to reach out to you. Your concerns are important to us and we’d love to talk more about them and see what we can do to address them directly. We also replied over on Twitter, so the easiest way to help us reach you would be to reply by Direct Message on Twitter so we can get in touch with you directly. We’d love to talk more and learn what we can do to help! Look forward to talking more!

    1. Thanks have replied to twitter, not heard back. Though it is the price, it is also the fact that it takes quite a few clicks to discover what the non-discounted price actually is, effectively the final payment page. I do not think this is a coincidence. I supported and suggested godaddy starting a year ago after setting up my 1st domain with you. I expect in the over 200,000 people I suggested your service to that some bought your service as a suggestion of mine, and will also start to bump into this. I feel and am responsible for that when customers then discover as I did that the renewal price is 200% of the initial price. As a consumer and a journalist, I never ask nor did I ever have godaddy sponsor me. Yet feel a bit tricked by you on this, as will some of my over 200k followers here and on twitter.

      1. It looks like our messages may have crossed wires as it appears you’ve been chatting with us on Twitter. We will continue the conversation with you there and work toward resolving this issue for you. Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to help. I appreciate your letting us know what’s going on so we can find better ways to serve our customers. You’re awesome!

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