More Questions Than Answers on Sydney Siege Gunman

Threating Letters to the Prime Minister, Warnings From the Muslim Community and Even from Iran

Loren W
17 December 2014
Melbourne Australia

  • In what will likely be seen as a lone attack by a crazed individual, sex offender, and fraud, struggling with not being viewed as more important than he was, self-declared Peace activist, Sheikh, and Ayatollah, Man Haron Monis was the gunman at the centre of the Sydney Café siege on 15 December 2014, was very widely known to authorities.
  • It is be hard to understand where the actor Man Haron Monis, who also used the name Ayatollah Manteghi Boroujerdi ends and the peace activist began. Warned by Iranian officials as having a long history of crime and fraud in Iran prior to fleeing and seeking asylum in Australia. He told the media he had be involved in the Iranian intelligence and security community but it appears he ran a travel agency only before fleeing with $200,000 of customers’ money and leaving for Australia.
  • Despite this he was granted asylum. Even after he was convicted of accessory to murder his ex-wife with his girlfriend (a self-confessed terrorist), in 2013, and sexual assault in 2014 ( where he claimed he was an expert in astrology, numerology, meditation and black magic before allegedly indecently assaulting 7 women)
  • As early as 2007 the Islamic communities warned that Haron was not a genuine spiritual leader.
  • Haron wrote many hate letters in 2009 to Australian War widows, a charge he was convicted of (menace).
  • In 2013 Haron wrote letters to the PM Tony Abbot challenging him to a live debate with a view to change Australian policy warning otherwise Australia and Australians could be attacked and emphasizing he was being ignored by the Australian government, and copying the letter to the ASIO, and AFP amongst others.
  • Haron was not on a watch list despite this, and even if he was he could not be watched at all times, he had changed his beliefs just weeks before the siege (something he even announced on this web site).
  • There are heroes in this story, mainly the Australian people, that when an element of racism showed its head in social media spoke up offering #Illridewithyou on twitter to offer solidarity with the Muslim community not feeling safe as a result of the actions of a sick individual.

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