Australia Treasurer Joe Hockey to Encourage Piracy with Netflix & Online Taxes

One Man’s Taxation is Another’s Encouragement for Piracy

Melbourne Australia

12 May 2015

Pirate button on computer keyboard

According to reliable reports Australia Treasurer Joe Hockey under the guise of preventing international taxation avoidance is set to impose taxes on many online services driving the costs up, and encouraging piracy.



Piracy of online content per capita in Australia is amongst the highest in the world. This is worsened by the 20-30% gap in the US and Australia dollar, as much of the online content is still USA centric. The delaying of popular movies and television shows has long been a another reason piracy has been rampant on everything from DVDs, Games, e-books, even online music. With sometimes falsely imposed taxations and profits from companies on products and services has made this problem that much worse.

Recently everything from reducing the time it takes for  US movie, song, or TV show to play in Australia has been reduced, as a direct result to reduce the need for piracy, and it has been successful according to many. To now add a further tax to all of this will be a major set back and less attractive for those that routinely pirate their online entertainment and services and are considering paying for for it legitimately.

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