re: Sony’s New Xperia X Performance to Be Highest Spec Phone

Due to make landfall in Late June or July

Loren W
Melbourne Australia,


Because of the semi- irregular Phone and Tablet launches it means that someone has to have the latest spec mobile phone until someone else does that is. Sony did this before with Xperia Z Ultra a great phablet for those so inclined at the time. Semi-launched in June 2013 it hosted a 6.4 in display only a fraction smaller than the Nexus 7 but was the first of the upper tier of phone makers to have the Snapdragon 800, and was IP56 waterproof and competing at the time with the Samsung Note 3 had the market for almost 12 months but with an average camera, and poor market distribution and supply, it was never a challenger but was a lovely phone, and took some ok pictures even underwater with in the Cook islands, thank you Sony

Well the stars have aligned for Sony again with their range of new Sony Xperia X Phones. Of much interest is the higher Waterproof X Performance that is the first of the top brands to host the latest Snapdragon 820 chip prior to the 823 chip being released. The timing of the phone means there were discussions if they would host the newer 823 chip instead that is destined for the Samsung Note 6 with an estimated 15-20% upgrade in speed compared to the 820.

Sony Xperia X Performance


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