Haier Shows IFA & The World Why They Are Number One in Appliances and Innovation 

IFA2016 Berlin
September 2 2016
Loren W –
haier logo 1
Despite the many famous brands owned or made by Haier, they still showcase their wide rage of both efficient, attractive, customer satisfying and innovative designs in their own name globally. It has been said by many that, “Those that do not listen  and respect  their customers and continue to innovate will not prosper. On that notion, Haier does all of this very well in many ways.

haier dryer
Efficiency is shown in their washing machines, that hold a larger than normal 12kg capacity, yet able to treat laundry with with care due to the internal bubble drum feature. All of this in amazing and beautiful designs and ever increasing environmental improvements. Innovation, listening to customer needs  and beautiful design is shown off well in their online fridge and kitchen hub. With  large screen, the refrigerator even has a  camera and scanner inside  so you can remotely view you fridge contents.
If out shopping or forget what you have.  Use it to access recipes, or customer set the refrigerator changing a portion from a chiller, to a refrigerator or to a freezer in the  same compartment. Please watch for more.
Looking at Haier products, they offer amazing visuals and sometimes futuristic  looks making their many products more and more popular across the world. I look forward to what Haier do next.

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