Creative Halo – Nice but defective. Perhaps the next version will be better.



To say some of the best things about a speaker is not the sounds crazy to even type. This speaker is $70 US.
Forgetting any other features what sort of sound do you expect from a bluetooth $100 speaker.

I would say this exceeds that expectation sound wise, and is interesting but defective in other ways.

If you bought a lovely vase for say $100 but the bottom of the vase was not flat, and you had to put it against a wally to stop it falling over, then this is the Creative Halo

Designed to sit on a tripod, it does not fit any tripod due to a defect in the design. Speaking to the team at creative they dempohsaised the importence of the tripod mount yet that is why I wanted to test it and it is a feature.

Specially, the 1/4″ threaded tripod mount requires 4-5 threads to fit ANY tripod – Unfortunately the base of the speaker only allows for 3 threads, meaning the speaker cannot be used on a tripod, trying about 6 different ones from cheap to $1000.


The device app does not work unless you fully charge the speaker, sync it to your device, then install the app. Sounds logical, however if you install the app while charging the speaker as I did, the speaker syncs to any device but the app will not work. This was easily fixed by reinstalling the app and worked fine. I tried this on multiple android and iOS devices with the same observation.

What the other reviews are missing –

  1. Playing Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon with the speaker in voice activation mode and full color spectrum is memorable.
  2. Playing any game with customised coloring, and sound enabled effects makes for exciting gaming environments.
  3. Currently doing some testing with sleep and lighting environments for work (as a sleep professional). The Creative Halo is fully adjustable color wise. So running sound effects, and customisable effects, with little amounts of blue light and mostly red light helps with sleep patterns (circadian sleep cycles)  and achieving REM sleep more effectively may sound crazy, but there are specialist devices doing this not very well for $250 US.

However, if looking to purchase a similar device,  speaker with RGB lighting, I would suggest a speaker by itself and a seperate light such as the LIFX or Hue by Phillips (more on those soon).


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