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What We Do –

Based in Melbourne Australia, and as an ex-product manager in R&D for some of the largest tech companies in the world, (like BT & NEC) to help raise awareness for my own projects at the time I lead on using new at the time, typical multi layer marketing, then social media as it happened and the typical SEO for websites before that. Nothing unusual there, but I built a following on stories covered on my own projects, and bug fixing for Apple that went a little viral and a company was born. Now a network of over 150,000 followers / eyeballs around the world, in a niche that was just tech, media and clients, and customers has then evolved to social issues all offering a good demographic that is unique for companies that want to get their message out in a unique way using twitter primarily to point customers and clients alike. This works for new companies selling on amazon or ebay to companies trying to raise awareness into twitter or facebook customers even into specific countries. Digital influencing via a unique demographic with measurable results, not easily duplicatable by others.

Tech Company Interviews
Working in R&D product development for large companies as a technology evangelist, I also travel the world interviewing company CEOs and other executives for everything from phones, and appliances to quantum computers, translation services, and more to or onto social media completing the marketing messages.

Philanthropic Endeavours 
We also consult for free on various social & legal law reform issues and I am the Australian editor for the USA Law Review



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