21 April 2021

I learned a lot during lockdown, mostly about online shopping that I embraced way more than before COVID at least. Way before the whole AusPost CEO scandal it seems ignored how much lying AusPost was doing by their own process. That is when shopping online people rely on facts for the online experience and should not have to second guess tracking for instance. For instance, web sites said deliveries delayed 2-3 days when it was 2-3 weeks if speaking AusPost on the phone themselves. “We tell the truth; the websites might be out of date” was ALWAYS true with AusPost they NEVER lied to me EVER (so not a staff issue). But when depending on AusPost pre-covid, COVID times and today in late April 2021 it is as big a mess as ever. Two examples of what a mess it is

Example 1–  During Covid – Ordered a $500 monitor from QLD to Melbourne, delivered to Melbourne, then 1 day late, 3, 5, 7. Being I would not now know when I would be home, on speaking to AusPost they suggested diverting the item to the local post office for collection there anyhow as it would be easier to track also. After a few more days AusPost told me the item had been re-routed. I said yes, I did that, to my local post office. I was then told “no” it was diverted by the shipper they could not tell me where but I was not able to track my item anymore. They say it is part of the process if an item gets lost then the customer can offer a refund and divert the item back to the shipper. That was the case yet the shipper denied it and I was blocked from finding out per AusPost process not changed yet.

The shipper eventually confessed and I had to get a refund from my bank as the shipper refused to refund me. The issue there is AusPost by process could not tell me where my item was going only the shipper is told that

Example 2 – April 2021 – AusPost cannot read an address label for an online item sent to me, a gift for someone, so they deliver it to a different address on my street. But I get the usual AusPost updates, delivery pending, delivery getting ready to be delivered, going to be delivered today, do you want to leave it or divert it.. Next.. DELIVERED. I am WFH so walk to the post box no item. I put in a claim and then a few days later I am told the delivery address is not mine, and they cannot tell me where it was delivered just to another house on my street, and I need to contact the shipper that could THEN contact the post office, they would then let the shipper know where it went.

 I ask simply as I am registered, and getting all the notifications per above phone, watch, email.. etc how can the post office tell me it is in route but not let me know where? “perhaps one day you will have to call the shipper to ask them where it went” – In 2021 – If it matters avoid AusPost

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